Beautiful Lincoln

Inside beautiful Lincoln Cathedral
Inside beautiful Lincoln Cathedral

Beautiful Lincoln indeed!

Lincoln Cathedral
Lincoln Cathedral

Another place I had never visited. Unlike Skegness, this is somewhere we will come back to! Our house was right in the centre of things, rented via Lincoln Town Houses, link here.

The weekend away - Lincoln was a great find!
The weekend away – Lincoln was a great find!

The traditional valentines weekend away with friends, their turn to choose location, and a pleasant surprise in the form of Lincoln; historic, beautiful, accessible, not too up-itself, but there is a bloody huge hill to walk up and down!

Away from it all, don't forget to post the valentine's card though!
Away from it all, don’t forget to post the valentine’s card though!

I hope you enjoy my monochrome shots, grouped into for key areas around this great historic city;


Lincoln Cathedral

Wherever you are in or around, approaching or driving away, you can always see this amazing gothic monstrosity towering over the landscape- the largest gothic building in Europe, an amazing statement that dominates the city and whole of Lincolnshire.

I know I took a lot of pictures of it, but it is truly remarkable and deserves them!

Inside beautiful Lincoln Cathedral
Inside beautiful Lincoln Cathedral


Castle and walk around the wall

This is a fantastic castle; it’s well worth getting up onto the castle wall with a 21-point audio guide, guaranteed history lesson and a fantastic value couple of hours all for £5 in the castle shop!

Lincoln Castle
Lincoln Castle



Up and down that hill

Lincoln has a famous hill that leads from the (rather boring, just like any other town) city at the bottom, with it’s formulaic shops, railway station and civic buildings, to the old city at the top of the hill; with the Cathedral, castle and historical centre. The mile long walk connecting the two has a fantastic array of independent shops, bars and café’s, if you need an altimeter from an RAF Nimrod, or some retro denim shorts, this is the place to be.

Out and about in Lincoln

Drinking beer is a good thing to do in Lincoln. The Cask bar is a lovely spot, and handy for a beer and pizza before trudging around the Cathedral. Another winner is the Wig & Mitre, food looked nice but didn’t have time to stay! But the best spot was the Lincoln Tap House, where a super selection of Friday night beers and food awaited us; well worth a visit.

L1004233 L1004151

That’s another year of standing on one leg all Valentine’s weekend. Leyburn in Wensleydale, Ambleside in cumbria and now Lincoln in beautiful Lincolnshire; where to in 2017?

Another on-legged valentines weekend bites the dust
Another on-legged valentines weekend bites the dust


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  1. We love it CB! What a wonderful testimonial to a wonderful weekend with our wonderful mates! Here’s to a season filled with love, wine and laughter!!

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