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Ich bin ein Berliner

This is my Berlin Blog, March 2016

No apology for over 200 images here; because four days of hard walking around this amazing city we last visited ten years ago proves  viagra original price in pakistan research paper writers cheap essay and letter writing made easy help me with ipc homework see essay on relationship essay time management hindi source site follow url viagra como tomar cialis online free coupon is crestor a blood thinner sampling case study corporate entertainment essay esl curriculum vitae writer sites for school abilify alone for bipolar levitra auf rezept kaufen clomid hgc donde comprar viagra natural en sevilla essay on together we defeat terrorism pfizer viagra online uk etd+phd thesis best viagra australia follow site nursing literature review dissertation ideas Ich bin ein Berliner.

And I can tell you with my longest blog post since I started, there really is no place like it.

Armed with a 4-day Berlin travel card purchased at the airport (the best 35 Euro you can spend), we arrived in Berlin centre on the train, trundling our bags down  Friedrichstraße to the Westin Grand Berlin and then straight out on the tourist trail to Checkpoint Charlie.


Checkpoint Charlie

This is where East meets West, or used to at least, more likely now tourist meets museum and gift shop.
Checkpoint Charlie
Checkpoint Charlie

The museum and remnants of the Berlin wall are a stark reminder of how hard it must have been to be a Berliner in decades not so long ago – a remarkable juxtaposition amid the commercial hustle and bustle of  a modern capital city.

 Having taken that in, turning off to the West, we walked past the amazing Trabi-World museum and shop, a good place to take a tour of Berlin driving your very own historical transport as part of a Trabi safari tour

Moving on from the fun, we re-visited a spectacle that was far from it’s present state ten years ago – an amazing complex now that was little more than a series of trenches next to an original portion of the Berlin wall;

The Topography of Terror.

Topography of Terror Documentation Center More than one million people visited the "Topography of Terror" in 2015, making the documentation center one of the most frequently visited places of remembrance in Berlin
Topography of Terror Documentation Center
More than one million people visited the “Topography of Terror” in 2015, making the documentation centre one of the most frequently visited places of remembrance in Berlin  

More than one million people visited the “Topography of Terror” in 2015, making the documentation centre one of the most frequently visited places of remembrance in Berlin; there is a link to the site here.

Nothing prepares you for the horrors in this area, so I will let the pictures do the talking, an amazing part of the city that also includes an equally striking monument and historically significant building a little further away

The Jewish Museum Berlin
The Jewish Museum Berlin

The Berlin Jewish Museum

This is a superb museum and well worth a visit. located here, the museum takes you above and below ground. The Museum opened in September 2001. Two years earlier, the empty new building by architect Daniel Libeskind was an unexpected visitor attraction. In this section, we present the building complex in image and text: The Old Building – the baroque Collegienhaus, the postmodern Libeskind Building, the Glass Courtyard erected in 2007, and the new Academy opened in 2012. The circumstances of the museum’s foundation, thecollections it is based on, and the people who have directed its development can be found here as well as personalities of public life who are dedicated to intercultural understanding and have been honored with the Jewish Museum’s Prize for Understanding and Tolerance.

IMG_6829 L1004323 L1004324 L1004328 L1004331 L1004332 L1004336 L1004339 IMG_6830 L1004340 L1004347

The Jewish Museum Berlin
The Jewish Museum Berlin

L1004351 L1004352 L1004353 L1004354

Potsdamer Platz

Emerging from the museum, night had fallen and it was time for a beer and some homely german food at Potsdamer Platz, the new centre of Berlin.
Renzo Piano and Helmut Jahn proposed the winning master plans. Investors Daimler-Benz (today Daimler) and Sony backed the two visions. The Piano/Daimler-Benz project envisioned a more diverse European style area with narrower streets while Helmut Jahn’s Sony vision presented the more uniform ultra-modern glass-steel plaza which became the Sony Centre.
The vast covered public space with its striking glass roof was the result of a remarkable engineering feat – an outstretched tent roof with material fastened to a steel ring attached to the adjacent buildings.
The Panorama Punkt with an observation deck 93 meters high is reached by elevator for the best all-round view of the area in the brown-brick Kollhoff building.
This is a great spot for  a beer and pickled herrings…
IMG_6831 IMG_6832 IMG_6833 L1004364 Another day of sightseeing comes to an end, soon it would be time for the undisputed best breakfast in Berlin – Eggs Benedict at Cafe Einstein.
Look no further than this cafe, 2 mins walk from the Brandenburg Gate at
Unter Den Linden 42.
IMG_6835 IMG_6837 L1004368
 Time to get the bus then, number 100 and off through the park from the Brandenburg Gate over to see my hero Helmut Newton

Museum für Fotografie

L1004370 L1004371 L1004372 L1004373 L1004374
 The  Photography Museum is a splendid place to spend a couple of hours, located here.
The Helmut Newton exhibition and private collection of belongings is truly spectacular, sadly no photos allowed inside so I had to sneak a couple…
On to the shopping district and the fantastic…

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

L1004376 L1004377 L1004378 L1004379 L1004380 IMG_6848
 And then of course into the largest department store in Berlin – where coffee, cakes and foods from around the world make it very hard to leave that top floor;

KaDeWe, or

Kaufhaus des Westens

to give it the full name…

IMG_6845 IMG_6846
Before the 100 bus back to the hotel, its time for some low light classic Berlin night time photography
IMG_6849 L1004381 L1004383 L1004385 IMG_6850 L1004396 L1004398 L1004400 IMG_6851
 Saturday morning, time for the train out to the Eastern corridor walk along the river – and some serious street art

East Side Gallery

L1004404 L1004405 L1004406 L1004407 L1004409 L1004410 L1004412 L1004413 L1004416 L1004417
 Take the train back to Alexanderplatz for some shopping and a good old demo – its the Kurdish march and protest, starting off from under the TV mast.
Just like a Bourne movie…..
L1004419 L1004423L1004421 L1004422L1004436
Not far from here is another fantastic museum – the DDR Museum, every reason you ever needed for communism not taking off the way Joseph and his mates planned.


IMG_6864IMG_6862 L1004429

Berlin Royal Palace

This reconstruction of a the huge Berlin Royal Palace is an amazing feat and dominates the skyline 65 years after it was demolished
The temporary 5 storey Humboldt Box gives you some great views of the capital, especially the amazing Cathedral and museum island – with a skyline dominated by cranes.
Time for some more homely german food –
IMG_6873home via the off-licence, conveniently located on platform one….
And onto Sunday morning, another Cafe Einstein and then way out East on the train to


L1004468 L1004469L1004498
L1004470 L1004471 L1004472 L1004473 L1004474 L1004475 L1004476 L1004477 L1004478 L1004479 L1004480 L1004482 L1004483 L1004484 L1004485 One of the best Flea-Markets you will ever find!
and where there is a flea market, there is music!
Rupert’s Kitchen Orchestra where an essential part of this Sunday morning experience. Great sound.
L1004487 L1004488 L1004489 L1004490 L1004491 L1004492 L1004495 L1004497
 Thats about it, four days of walking, snapping and eating sausages, I hope you liked this tour of Berlin, please let me have your thoughts; here are some further images to end with.
L1004499 L1004500 L1004501 L1004502 L1004504
L1004510 L1004511 L1004512 L1004513 L1004515 L1004516 L1004517 L1004518 L1004521 L1004524 L1004523 L1004522 L1004525 L1004526IMG_0747 L1004530IMG_0737
Thanks for the sausages….

L1004532 L1004533 IMG_0736

Ich bin ein Berliner
Ich bin ein Berliner


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