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Some things I read in the last 12 months

Happy Monday everyone!
Below is a long-overdue part complete bibliography of things I have read and found useful in the mental health department over the last 12 months.

I have grouped resources together under the headings of self-help, bedtime reading, and dog-related reading; I will explain more in my final blog update this week. It’s not complete by any stretch, I can’t locate some things but I am sure it will help those looking for some inspiration; happy reading!

Self Help & Mental Health Reading

Prof Mark WILLIAMS & Dr Danny PENMAN; Mindfulness: A Practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world. 2011. London, UK; Little, Brown Book Group.

Dr Chris WILLIAMS; Overcoming depression and low mood, a five areas approach. 2014. London, UK; CRC Press.

Ryan HOLIDAY; Ego is the Enemy. 7th July 2016. London, UK: Profile Books.

Ruby WAX; How to be Human; the Manual. 25th January 2018, London, UK; Penguin Books.

Ryan HOLIDAY; Trust me I’m lying. 19th July 2012. London, UK: Penguin Books.

Eckhart TOLLE; The Power of Now. 2004. Novato, California; New World Library.

Ernie J. ZELINSKI: The joy of not working: A book for the Retired, Unemployed and Overworked. 2003. USA; Ten Speed Press.

Jonny BENJAMIN; The Stranger on the Bridge. 2018. London, UK; Bluebird Pan Macmillan.

Dr Russ HARRIS; The Happiness Trap; Stop Struggling, Start Living. 2007. NSW, Australia; Exisle Publishing Ltd.

Dr Russ HARRIS; The Confidence Gap: A guide to overcoming fear and self-doubt. 13th September 2011. NSW, Australia; Shambhala Publications.

Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust; 2016.  IAPT Services – Self Help Guide ‘Depression & Low Mood’  Online link here

Bedtime Reading
Ian LESLIE; Born Liars. 2011. London, UK; Quercus Books.

Adam KAY; This is going to hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor. 7th September 2017. London, UK; Pan Macmillan.

Antoine LAURAIN; The Presidents Hat. March 2013. Paris, France; Gallic Books.

Ian LESLIE; Curious. 2014. London, UK; Quercus Books.

Jonathan FRANZEN; The Corrections. 2007. London, UK; Harper Perennial.

David SEDARIS; Dress your family in corduroy and denim. 2004. London, UK; Abacus Little, Brown Book Group.

Gail HONEYMAN; Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine. 18th May 2017. Audible edition, narrated by Cathleen McCARRON. UK, Harper Collins.

Sally ROONEY; Normal People. 28th August 2018. London, UK; Faber and Faber.

Sally ROONEY; Conversations with friends. 25th May 2017. London, UK; Faber and Faber.

Dog Related Reading

Joe IRVING; Training Spaniels. 1993. London, UK, Swan Hill Press.

Linda WHITMAN; The Cocker Spaniel Handbook. 2016. UK; CreateSpace Publishing.

Jonathan WITTENBERG; Things my dog taught me (About being a better human). 2017. UK; Hodder & Stoughton.

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