Bouncing Back

I was asked to take part in an event quite a while ago and I said ‘yes of course’, feeling flattered to be asked.

Of course, now the date is approaching rapidly and I’m rather filled with trepidation, but that has to be a good thing right?

Bouncing back has to be talked about, failure has to be celebrated and learnt from, the music has to be faced; and I can help others learn from my failures in a good way; I hope.

It’s well over a year since I crashed out of the corporate world with serious mental health issues, I didn’t know at the time just how important that ‘failure’ both from a professional, personal and health perspective would prove to be.

I’m not sure what I will have to contribute to a room full of succesful advertising folk on the 6th of November in Manchester, but I will give it a go.

For me, just being present and contributing in some way will be an important step in a long and very personal journey; every one of us is on a similar journey and will be constantly judged by those they hold dear by the success barometer that logs every move you ever made.

Chasing success constantly is a treadmill for the mind, seeking constant approval of others can seriously damage your mental health.

Well guess what?

YOU are what is most important, not the others, and YOU have my permission to get off that treadmill whenever you want.

To coin a phrase from my blog earlier this year, anyhow, that’s enough about me, lets talk about you!

For all of us, we need to get more comfortable talking about failure, because there will be many more along the way; that is for sure, and I look forward to enjoying all of them as much as the last one.

The Bloom North event can be found here

I look forward to perhaps seeing some of you there. Thank you.


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